21 ORIGINAL MYSTERIES! Volume Purchases available.


If you want something fun, educational and interesting that could actually make you smarter…

…if you love to read, but don’t have time for ebooks, or ibooks, or real books…

...SLEUTH, "The World’s First interactive, educational ebook game!!!" (tm). If you love Lumosity (tm), your kids will love SLEUTH!

The main focus of Sleuth is on EDUCATION so a lot of the stories are designed to teach a history, or politics or both. Some "fun" stories have been added, and future stories will have much harder to decipher clues.

Use Sleuth, the Mystery game to:
-Entertain yourself with professionally written, editor approved, 5 Minute mysteries,
-Learn something about history,
-Improve problem solving techniques,
-Enhance critical thinking skills,
-Strengthen deductive reasoning and research ability,
-Sharpen your attentive listening, reading comprehension, communication and leadership skills,
-Or simply kill time waiting on the train, for the doctor, on the beach...

Each "Case File" includes:
-The main story written by real mystery writers, with a narration that usually ends with “I know who…”
-Four (4) to Six (6) clue sentences hidden throughout the story, but made available in the Clues page to help you out.
-The wheel of three (3) to five (5) suspects for you to spin and take a crack at solving the mystery.
-The final solution to the story to read, but only if you choose the right suspect! If you get it wrong, your friends will laugh at you, your spouse will leave you and you will loose your job. Ok… none of that will happen, but why risk it!?!?
-Once a story is unlocked, you are given not only "the rest of the story", but additional explanations of each clue are unlocked as well.
-Ability to Re-lock all of the stories to hide the solution and clue explanations. Now you can challenge your family and friends!